Our office is located in Preservation Plaza Downtown Maryvil

Our office is located off of East Church Avenue. Handicap accessible parking is available in Founder

Address: 200 East Broadway Suite B30, Maryville, TN 37804

Free Parking is available at FOUNDERS PARKING LOT.  

Our office is located off of East Church Avenue although there is an entrance off of East Broadway Avenue. 

From Founders Parking Lot, walk towards E. Church Avenue then turn towards South Cusick St. 

When you see the fountain and the old drive-through teller windows on the right you will be looking at our building.

Our entrance is located behind the railing and accessible via the stairs or a ramp that runs along the alleyway next to our building. 

They are the double glass doors on the left-hand corner of the building with our name on them. 

In the News

OHOA was highlighted on Fahe's blog 10/10/2019

Executive Director, Cindy Faller invited to appear on Harmon Speaks. - 10/10/19